Pet Grooming
What we do

We will consult with you before we start. We need to know what it is you are looking for, what your lifestyle might be like and how that may affect your own grooming routine of your pet.

We have a breed specific grooming manual we can show you. This may help you to decide on the a most suitable style for you and your pet. We are open to other suggestions and may be able to offer some “unique” trims if required. 


Once we have established both the needs of your dog and of you we will ask you to sign a registration form giving address, contact and the animal’s details.

The form includes two declarations which you should read carefully. Click on the sub menu on the top left of this page to view.

We do not rush our work! Most trimmed grooms take on average two to two & a half hours.

You cannot stay while we do our work as we believe the pet needs to concentrate on us and not keep looking for reassurance from you. This would make them fidget and could adversely affect the finish we want to achieve.

If you want to stay close you are more than welcome to sit in your car and watch from outside; as long as “Fido” doesn’t know you are there.